Bread Bags Plain Film

The AusPrinters team, have extensive experience in servicing the bakery industry, able to work closely with clients to deliver product that will suitably protect and display to a consistently high quality while on the supermarket shelves. Thus ensuring the best exposure for your branded product.


We can supply wicketted bags in a wide range of sizes and wicket widths.

Finished bags are able to be supplied in clear / plain or up to 8 colour surface or reverse printed.  We can print on and convert a large range of films including LDPE, CPP, BOPP, multi layered barrier films, just to mention a few.

Plain Film on a roll can be supplied in any width, ready to be made into packets or flow wrapped around your product.

Another popular and necessary service we offer, is the micro perforation of films for bakery applications.  These tiny little holes allow the product to maintain its crunch and freshness while still being protected in a packaging format, this style of product especially suits crusty breads and frozen pastries and pies.

Your choice of printed or plain film can be strip perforated using the standard hole patterns and sizes we have available.

Your bread can be displayed beautifully in simple twist tied bags, right up to a machine sealed, re-usable, multi layered zip lock bag.

Our team is available to discuss your bakery needs today!